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More About “Epiphany on the Jordan – Shekinah”

30″ x 24″ painting in acrylic on canvas

This painting is inspired by a photo of the baptism of Daniel Twiss (son of the late Richard Twiss). Richard performed the baptism in the Jordan River, and is the one Daniel is hugging in the painting.

The painting is respectfully created with the permission of Daniel Twiss, and posted in honor of his late father.


Richard Twiss

A member of the Lakota people, Richard Twiss passed away Saturday, February 9, 2013. He was a Native American theologian and educator. 


A great advocate for First Nations people and First Nations Christianity, Richard was the founder of  Wiconi International, and the author of the book, One Church, Many Tribes and numerous articles on indigenous Christianity.

The painting is named after the song by Steve Bell, Epiphany on the Jordan (click to listen to song).

This painting is not available for purchase.  For more information about prints, contact faye@fayehall.com.

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