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Art has become a way of life for local resident

By: Adrian Alleyne

Artist Faye Hall works on a piece at her home in North Kildonan.

Artist Faye Hall works on a piece at her home in North Kildonan. (PHOTO BY EBONIE KLASSEN PHOTOGRAPHY)

It took Faye Hall some time to find her inner artist, but now that she has she’s anxious to share it with the public.
Hall will host These Are The Ones. The Sept. 16 to 18 art show will feature more than 70 portraits by the North Kildonan artist. The show will offer a glimpse into Hall’s life as it will take place at her home at 657 Bonner Ave. It will take place from 6:30 to 9 p.m. on Fri., Sept. 16 and 3 to 9 p.m. in Sat., Sept. 17 and Sun., Sept. 18.
Hall said she has been painting for most of her life but it wasn’t until recently that she felt comfortable with the notion of sharing her work with the public.  “I was in one exhibition before, but this is my first solo show,” she said. “It took a long time for me to decide because I was attached to them like children.”
Hall began dabbling with art while she was in elementary school, but eventually decided to pursue a career in advertising. After spending 25 years as a freelancer while her kids were growing up, Hall’s career eventually led her to Signpost Music, a local independent record label. Signpost, which is located in the West End, is co-owned by local musician Steve Bell, who’s work inspired some of Hall’s most recent pieces. Bell traveled to Ethiopia and India with the Canadian Foodgrains Bank and took a number of photos on his journey.
“You wouldn’t believe the inspiration that comes from this office,” Hall said.
As a fellow artist, Bell said that it means a lot to him to inspire others to be creative. “There’s nothing more thrilling for me than when something I’ve done inspires creation in another person,” said Bell, who lives in East Kildonan. “Whether you inspire someone to be a better person or an artist, if you inspire someone else it’s a good day.”

For Hall, her passion to paint returned last summer after taking a class at the Winnipeg Art Gallery Studio, and she’s completed 60 paintings since then.  “It’s almost like a switch came on and it just clicked,” she said.  “I found sitting at a canvas helped to release some stress. When you paint for someone else, the joy they get from it is great.”
Hall said that while it will be difficult parting with her works, she is hopeful they will find good homes.
“I can’t keep them in my closet forever,” she said.
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Faye Hall’s collection of paintings are now available to be viewed in person in her  home gallery.

By Appointment Only: Contact Faye at or call Signpost Music during regular business hours at 204-774-3715.