Seven Whole Days

63 lines of poetry and 63 paintings inspired by the Genesis account of creation. Written by Malcolm Guite and illustrated by Faye Hall. To be published by Castle Quay Books in the fall of 2017. To be notified about the release date for the book, please contact Faye Hall. PRICE FOR PREORDER: TBA

Faye Hall works in the office of singer/songwriter Steve Bell. It is through Steve’s friendship with poet Malcolm Guite, that this book has come about.

Guite says, “Now I think there’s a real recovery in the church of creation theology and a need, you know as Steve Bell says in one of his songs, ‘Whoever loves God loves all that God loves.’ That we can love God himself by loving and praising him through the wonder of his creation, and my hope for the book is that people having enjoyed the pictures and enjoyed the poetry, and perhaps being encouraged by the pictures and the poetry to pray and to praise, then go out from the book, if you like, back into God’s world and be filled spontaneously with praise for his creation.”

The book is intended for adults, families and children alike, reading together and enjoying the combined poems and paintings.