Book Signing/Art Showing Event at the MHC Gallery

Malcolm Guite himself showed up at the MHC Gallery in Winnipeg on Sunday, April 15th where he was able to see the original paintings from our book for the first time.

A full gallery of  viewers sat enraptured as he told the story of the poetry and book and read it aloud while I turned the pages of SEVEN WHOLE DAYS. We answered questions about the process and the paintings, and then had a time for people to purchase paintings and books, and Malcolm and I signed them.

Malcolm signed some extra books, and they are available for purchase HERE…

Read the article in the Winnipeg Free Press by Brenda Suderman HERE…

Photography by Ebonie Klassen Photography

Reading the book as Faye turned the pages

Painting in the background is “Rime of the Ancient Mariner” from a photo by Steve Bell as Malcolm recited the poem.

Joined in this picture with Faye’s Uncle George Derksen

Photobombed by Faye’s employer, singer/songwriter Steve Bell