Dedication to the “Lovely Ones”

Lovely Ones appears to be a circle of young children floating above the earth.

This painting is dedicated to the lovely children who have died young – by miscarriage, abortion, stillbirth, childhood illnesses or accidents.

The title of the painting was inspired by the song “These are the Ones“, from Steve Bell’s album, Kindness.  It is part of the lyric.  I was listening to this song when the idea for the painting came to mind’s eye. I had a photo on file of a circle of  wedding flower girls dancing in a meadow, and this photo came to me with the title. (I hardly ever have the theme or title for a painting ahead of time!)

I realized later that I had recently read a book called “Heaven is for Real”, a New York Times Bestseller by Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent. The story was about Todd’s son Colton’s visit to heaven when he encountered a life-threatening illness. Great book, by the way! The little boy meets his sister in heaven (a sister that had died as a result of miscarriage, and at his tender age he had never been told about).

Early Phase of the "Lovely Ones"


I have a nephew or niece that died as a result of a miscarriage, waiting for me to meet one day. What a joyful reunion that will be.

Visit Steve’s site to listen to a clip of “These are the Ones”, by clicking here.