Double Take

Kenyan Woman Abstract

There once was a face so compelling that I painted her twice… Both of these paintings were┬áin my showing at the Mennonite Heritage Centre Gallery in Winnipeg, June 26 – Sept. 13/14.

The face was of a Kenyan mother whose life was so filled with poverty and pain that she needed to give up her son Paul to be cared for by the Mully Children’s Family. The original photo that I used as reference was taken by Paul H. Boge on a trip to Kenya to research the children’s book that he and I were working on.

The first painting is a quick study abstract. I take photos of the progression of all of my paintings, and decided to put together a short slideshow showing the progression of this particular painting.

Link to the slideshow for the creation of Kenyan Woman Abstract.

The second painting is exactly the same size and canvas, but a detailed version that took a little longer to paint…;)