From Artist to Amateur Actress

I am so happy to do two of my favourite things – ART and ACTING! The art for the poster was done by me, requested by our director, Luis Reis.

Winnipeg Mennonite Theatre is performing the comedy “Tempest Tost”, Nov. 14-17th at Salle Martial-Caron, Université de Saint-Boniface. It is the story of an amateur theatre group in Little Salterton, which is performing “The Tempest” as a pastoral (outdoor) play. I play a minor role as Mr. Leakey, a bumbling fellow who auditions for the lead role as Prospero.

Ever since I was in high school, I’ve enjoyed performing in dramas. Thank you to Winnipeg Mennonite Theatre for giving me the opportunity to do it again in my “old age”!

If you are interested in tickets for this play, see

I played Myrtle in “Still Life” with Karl Eckstrand

In “Radio NIght” I played two roles, one as the cleaning lady, and then a former Miss Sweden (With Erna Peters)

I play Mr. Leakey in “Tempest Tost”