Healing Soul Misery

With so many of my paintings having to do with depression, I thought I should tell you about the book that inspired this painting, which I would also recommend as something that could be helpful for many people –  Healing Soul Misery: Finding the Pathway Home by Dr. Susan Gleeson.

I always thought depression was mostly a chemical imbalance kind of thing, but Dr. Gleeson delves into the heart of  the hopelessness which can lead to depression and thoughts of suicide. One can have everything –  a lovely home and family, a good paying job, and still be miserable. Dr. Gleeson found this to be true in her own life, and her journey led her to train as a “life coach” so that she could be better equipped to help her patients. The book leads one through the sources of soul misery and steps to understand and overcome it.

To learn more about this book, visit www.healingsoulmisery.com.