Imagine you are a child, and your father is a wealthy businessman. You live in a big house with your family, eat lots of good food, dress in beautiful clothes, and ride to school every day in a limousine. Then at dinner one day your dad announces that he is going to sell all of his businesses to start an orphanage for street children…

The face pictured here is a closeup of the painting, “The Last Supper”, Page 12 of The Biggest Family in the World.

The entire painting depicts the Mulli family around the dinner table, being told this very news, by their father, Charles Mulli. He told his family of the decision to start the Mully Children’s Family, about 25 years ago. In this family portrait, each of Charles and Esther’s eight children react to the news in different ways.

How do you think Charles Mulli’s children reacted when their dad told them this news? How do you think you would you react?

The Mully Children’s Family is celebrating it’s 25th Anniversary in 2014, and part of the celebration is the debut of this children’s book, written by Paul H. Boge (author of two biographies of Charles Mulli) and illustrated by myself, Faye Hall.

If you are interested in purchasing an autographed copy of this book for Christmas, please email me at or message me on Facebook.

Price: $20 (including taxes). Financial gifts of all sizes are welcome so that Paul and I can give away as many books as possible to children whose families cannot afford one. Delivery or pickup after Dec. 7.