Malcolm’s Seven Whole Days

Thank you to Malcolm Guite for taking each of the seven chapters of the book, Seven Whole Days and giving us your perspective and favourite painting illustrations. It has been an enjoyable project to work on, and hard to believe that 63 paintings were created in one year.

Here are the links to the seven chapter blogs that Malcolm has written:

The First Day; Let There Be Light

The Second Day; The Firmament

The Third Day; Land and Sea

The Fourth Day; Sun, Moon and Stars

The Fifth Day; Creatures of the Sky and Sea

The Sixth Day; Humanity

The Seventh Day; Blessing and Rest

The book is available on this website, but also on Castle Quay Books, Amazon and The Book Depository in Canada, US, UK and across the world.

The paintings from the book will be on display March 16 – May 5 at the MHC Gallery, 600 Shaftesbury Ave. in Winnipeg.