My Art Stories

Throughout my life my interests have been in all things creative, art, crafts of all kinds and writing. As a teenager, I teamed up with my friend Sonja to write short stories, and we even created a novel of 137 pages. Our influence was highly in the “Get Smart” and “It Takes a Thief” realm, and after recently re-reading the novel, I chuckle at the familiar comedic moments. Television was a huge influence on me growing up, and we had many hours of fun working on these projects together.

As an adult, I have been involved in illustrating two award winning books, “The Biggest Family in the World” and “Seven Whole Days”, both being available in my online store.

Also available is a self-published book called “Art Begets Art”, which tells the story of my painting influences through my boss, Steve Bell, UK poet Malcolm Guite, my mother’s dementia story and others.

Today I am engaged in an exciting online writing course with popular author Wilma Derksen. There are 13 participants in my class, from all over Canada and even Mexico, and together we are learning to write our own stories. I highly recommend it.  See Wilma’s website here…

For the next while, I am concentrating on my own writing, and plan to write many more stories about my art, and it’s influence in my faith and life in general. If you are interested in exploring my art book without a physical copy, it is available in Kindle format on Amazon, HERE.

Art Begets Art Cover