New Art Book by Faye Hall and Poet Malcolm Guite

I am so very happy and excited to announce the coming publication of a new art & poetry book that UK poet Malcolm Guite and I have collaborated on together.

I met this priest/poet through singer/songwriter Steve Bell. I work as an administrative assistant for Bell, and Guite has collaborated on music and lyrics in Bell’s albums for several years, since they met at a C. S. Lewis conference in Oxford. When I first saw photos of his face, I was drawn in to paint him, and have done seven portraits so far.

He approached me almost two years ago to illustrate his poetry inspired by the Genesis creation account. I’ve done 63 paintings, illustrating each line of his seven roundrels from Seven Whole Days. You can read the poem in advance on his website at Malcolm provided me with a handwritten version of the poetry, so that I could include his handwriting into each of the 63 paintings.

The resulting book, as Guite says is, “a sumptuous visual celebration of God’s good Creation. Guite’s sequence of seven poems each celebrate a day of creation and finally the sabbath day of rest. Hall has taken the poems and re-imagined them line by line in a series of beautiful meditations on how God’s glory shines out in the world. This is a book you can share with your children, use for your own private prayer or share in a wider circle, a book to which you will return time and time again to find new depth and detail.”

The book will be available in the beginning of December, just in time for Christmas. If you would like to pre-order, you can do so at my websiteFor pre-orders, use the coupon code: sevenpoet to receive a 25% discount on the book.