new year dawns

Words tumble out when silence prevails

but for the soft squeak of soles on white path.


Payne’s grey curtain pulled back

sunlight releases a backdrop of blue

and dances between silhouettes

of the black wintering trees.


Flashes of light wink amidst

crooks of tree branches bent and ready

dead leaf hands hold mounds of fresh white

to begin a snowfight at the least

hint of a provoking breeze.


Long shadows criss-crossed path

prints of both human and four paws

but I follow the path of

parallel lines moving smoothly.


Hide and seek wind, still to hear

distant giggles of pleasure

as wintry hills welcome the slide

of child and wood.


Christmas card perfect,

or is it movie-set snow

fluffy and sparkling,

my path is far prettier

than brush can paint.


Cheeks now glow warm

in recounting this trek

Anticipating new paths

as a fresh new year dawns.

– a  poem by Faye Hall