Two New Awards for “Seven Whole Days”

My art/poetry book with Malcolm Guite was blessed with two awards at the 2018 Word Guild Awards in Toronto on June 15th. It was a surprise to win the best Specialty Book, but when they called by name the second time it was as an “Honourable Mention” in the Best Book Category – the Grace Irwin Award. What an honour and privilege!

In announcing the winners, they read excerpts of the books, so the authors could start coming forward, and it was a magical moment to hear the words, “Lights in the night…the lucid moon and sun...”

My boss, Steve Bell also won an award for best “Single Article”, so I was able to accept his award on his behalf – a special, happy moment!

An inspirational highlight for the evening was when Kevin John White won Castle Quay’s Best New Canadian Manuscript Award. I am so looking forward to reading this one!

Dancing on a Razor is a collection of short stories taken from the life of Kevin John White, a homeless alcoholic street beggar. What begins as a journal penned by the trembling hand of a hopeless wino, gradually changes into a powerful realization of God’s love for a terribly broken man. It is as he writes this “book” that Kevin sees God’s hand through all his years of wandering aimlessly across the country, and he is undone by the amazing grace God has poured over him for so long.”

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