“Biggest Family in the World” in Ukraine

A drought in my personal prayers ended with the war in Ukraine. I have been experiencing a prolonged personal depression, no interest in painting, and my prayer life was in tatters. The news of the war helped me start over. There were others in the world who needed prayer and help.

The news that the book I illustrated with 32 paintings, “The Biggest Family in the World” was being given out to refugees standing in line at the train station perked up my attention that prayer does indeed have a use and purpose in helping the Ukrainians. Those of us who cannot help in manual ways, can help in spiritual ways. A book to encourage children seems a small thing, but this particular book tells the story of Charles Mully, who was an abandoned child in Kenya who found his own way to become a millionaire, and gave up that life to help abandoned children in the streets. At the publication of the book, “The Biggest Family in the World”, Mully had helped more than 10,000 children. I am sure it is thousands more since then.

The focus on the book is prayer – Mully’s prayer for food, water and other provisions for these children since his fortune ran out.

I am thankful that this book has been translated in multiple languages, and has been passed on to help children in the Ukrainian crisis. It is a small thing, but a positive thing.

Keep up your prayers for these people. Miracles are happening every day.

Feature photo by Sasha Romanch in Krivoy Rog, Ukraine (see below for Winnipeg Free Press article about the book in Ukraine)