Loving Our Enemies

Division…in the family, community, churches and everywhere.

I was reading a book recently that involved World War 2, where Japanese people who lived peacefully in North America were sent to internment camps, and people of Swiss and German descent were unfriended, treated as lepers among their neighbours. Stones were thrown through windows, people were beaten and buildings were burned.

It is similar to what is happening today, only modernized on social media, and hate is being thrown back and forth. Violence is growing, and there is a true division politically and even in religious circles.

History seems to be repeating itself again, and folks don’t seem to notice or care.

I am a fully vaccinated grandmother, and my husband is unvaccinated. Some people today are angry with him and almost treating him as a leper. It’s a division between vaccinated and unvaccinated. Some spouses have separated due to the controversy.

Fortunately for me, my relationship with my husband is even stronger. We have dealt with arguments, stony silences, anger and frustration. We have agreed to disagree and concentrate on loving each other and working out this period of time safely.

He is not a “fighting” anti-vaxxer. He doesn’t share his views with many people. He reads articles and watches the news, keeping up with everything that is going on. But he has his doubts, and he is entitled to make his own decision about his medical status. He believes that Covid is real, wears his mask dutifully and stays away from situations where he might be exposed to the virus.

I have to be content with the situation as it stands. My husband is a good, loving man, and cares about his family and life.

My boss, Steve Bell’s recent “Loft Sessions” online concert addresses the divisions in our present society. It is an inspiring and meaningful listen. I encourage you to watch it. Blessings to you all, who are experiencing turmoil. In the end, it is love that will win.