Covid Fears and Inspiration

I have to admit that I have fears amid the Covid pandemic. I have lost my inspiration to paint, and have one painting on my easel that I am struggling to finish. It could be a motivating piece that will help others, but I struggle to finish it. And then there is the things that keep me going day by day…my work for Steve Bell’s ministry, which helps so many others, and the cuddling with my two year old grandson, who hears a train go by and giggles “choo-choo!”. I can’t help but go on. And then there is the poetry of Malcolm Guite – poetry inspired by the Corona crisis and connected with the Psalms…See and enter the word “corona” in the search area.

God is amazing. He inspires us all amid fear. Poet Malcolm Guite and I collaborated to create the book “Seven Whole Days”,¬†using art and poetry to tell¬†the Genesis story of creation. Here is a video by Malcolm, telling the story of the book:

See Video of “Seven Whole Days” here…