Ideas for Hope in 2020

Let’s bring some hope, love and joy to the end of 2020:

  1. Make a donation for Remembrance Day.
  2. Support your local restaurants by ordering takeout food as often as possible.
  3. Support the arts – buy a painting, crafts or locally made items for Christmas gifts. Musicians, theatre and creatives are hurting as well, and there are many ways to support them financially.
  4. “Adopt” a struggling family or neighbour – help them pay bills and buy food.
  5. Donate to your local food bank.
  6. Be more positive and helpful on social media. Think before posting negative comments.
  7. Cheer on frontline workers in healthcare, grocery shops, garbage collection, paramedics, care homes, etc.
  8. Make a donation to your favourite charities to help keep them going.
  9. Donate to your local church to help them help others.
  10. Wear a mask in public settings to protect others and yourselves.
  11. If you rent property, lower or freeze your rents to help your tenants.
  12. Love the people you have in your life.
  13. Be kind to all.
  14. Hope.
  15. Pray. We will get through this…