Easter 2021 Art Scavenger Hunt

This Easter my church did something really unique – so many churches are exercising their creativity during the COVID pandemic. Ours was an Art Scavenger Hunt. Eight artists of various ages did paintings to represent Christian symbols. EG: The peacock, Ixthus, Iota & Chi, dove, anchor, Good Shepherd, the Crown of Thorns.

I was asked to do a painting representing the Alpha & Omega. All paintings were photographed and made into large prints that were mounted and placed on various yards in the neighbourhood near the church. We were given a list of all of the paintings with addresses and short devotionals representing each one. It was a glorious warm day as my husband and I drove from house to house, and also stopped in at the church for paska and coffee, served by our masked and socially distanced church staff. What a treat!

Alpha & Omega are the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet. Using them in art to point to Jesus comes directly from the vision given to John recorded in the book of Revelation. Jesus is the Alpha – the very beginning. The Bible tells us that everything was made through Jesus. He is the Omega – the end. Jesus will usher in the new heaven and new earth where sin, death and evil are finally destroyed, and we will live forever and ever with Him. While the Omega is the end, it’s also the beginning with no end. At Easter we not only look back to Jesus’ resurrection but also look forward to our own resurrection – a miracle accessible to anyone who puts their faith in Jesus. (Rev. 22:13) by Pastor Vic Neufeld, NKMB Church inĀ  Winnipeg – www.nkmb.org

Here is a photo of the yard that had my painting in front of it: