Jeremiah 1:5 “Before I created you in the womb, I knew you; before you were born, I set you apart.”

Daisy Ejang was born one a dirt floor in the Nakawa slum of Kampala, Uganda in in 1994. Don and Cheryl Lupul attended a Steve Bell concert on a cold December night in St. Albert, Alberta in the year 2000. They were encouraged by Steve Bell and Compassion Canada to sponsor children, and one of their choices that night was Daisy.

Daisy was a gifted singer, and later in life reached out to her Canadian family to thank them. Eventually Don Lupul went to Uganda and met Daisy in person, and an instant bond grew between them. Eventually she immigrated to Canada, and Don introduced her to the music of Steve Bell. She was inspired by “Wings of an Eagle” to create her own version.

Faye Hall met Don and Daisy via email and Facebook, and was inspired by a photo of Daisy to create the painting, “Restore”. Halfway through the painting, Faye lost her inspiration, and for many months did not continue working on it.

Steve Bell, as a singer/songwriter (Faye’s boss), has needed to “restore” his ministry through the Covid pandemic. Switching from live concerts, he has created a new online media channel featuring his older videos and adding new concerts for 2020 -2021. He also does free mini-online concerts called “The Loft”, with a new video stage created in his office. Steve Bell’s team, including Faye have spent time enjoying the benefits of “Women Refreshed at the Well.”

Faye found the reason and courage to finish the painting as a gift to support Joy and Alvin Klassen and their ministry. The painting is called “Restore” to represent the restoration of “Women Refreshed at the Well”(a local spiritual retreat), the life of Daisy Ejang, the ministry of Steve Bell, and Faye Hall’s “restored” artistic inspiration following a long dry period.

To bid on the painting (closes April 24), email (starting bid is $600).

See below for a short video to listen to Daisy’s music, telling the story of the painting…