Lo How a Rose E’er Blooming

Surrounded by inspiring music and poetry in my daily work environment,  I can’t help but let the inspiration splash over into my own art. Such a result came from the song Oracles, from Steve Bell’s new Christmastide album.

Listening to the words of this song from Keening for the Dawn, resulted in the visual of a blooming rose, with lyric from the song embedded in the painting itself.

ORACLES – music and lyric Steve Bell

Isaiah 2:1-5, 7:10-16, 11:1-10, 35:1-10

Oh ancient seer your vision told
Of desert highways streaming home
To the mountain of the Lord
Where nations sound a righteous song forevermore

And on that mountain men will forge
From cruel implements of war
The tools to till and garden soil
The rose will bloom and faces shine with gladdening oil

And it will surely come to pass
Justice will reign on earth at last
The wolf will lie down with the lamb
No beast destroy, no serpent strike the child’s hand

And God himself will choose the sign
A frightened woman in her time
Will bear a son and name him well
God with us! O come, O come, Emmanuel!


Read more and hear the song at this link.

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