My Sister’s Visit

My sister June, husband Karl and son Kyle visited recently from the Portland, Oregon area.

This painting is from a photo my husband Darrell took when he and I visited her family in 2010.

June is my one and only sibling and she is very precious to me, so this portrait was a gift for her. Since we don’t look like each other at all, I painted our eyes so that they are exactly the same colour. 🙂

One thought on “My Sister’s Visit

  1. Really enjoyed seeing this portrait of the 2 sisters.
    I am one of your first cousins and have not seen you since you were preschool age.
    I am Peter Goertzen\’s younger daughter.
    My two sons also excelled in art, however have not pursed it, although one did attend art college.
    Great work , wishing you great success.
    Marg McPherson

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