Sentimental Journey

My Uncle Dan is a one hundred year old wonder. He was a widower with 8 children when he met my late husband’s Aunt Annie. They fell in love, married and had two more daughters. The year 2014 was tumultuous for the family. Dan was turning 100 years old, and his darling Annie passed away after a lengthy stay in the hospital. I heard that the nurses fought over who would look after her, because when Dan would visit, his love for his wife was obvious – he still flirted with her, and the nurses enjoyed his fun, humorous visits.

I attended the funeral for Aunt Annie, and afterwards resolved to paint something in their honour. I made an appointment with him and his daughter Sherrie. We visited and I took photos of him. The picture I used for this painting was taken while he was telling me the story of meeting her and falling in love.

The photo of Annie had been lovingly placed on her chair by their daughter, and was a constant reminder of their life together.

This painting appears as part of my new book ART begets ART, which highlights the people and things that inspire me. The book is in two stores in Winnipeg: Hull’s Family Bookstore (1317 Portage Ave.) and Savoir Faire (241 Henderson Hwy).

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