ART begets ART

Art Begets Art Cover

ART Begets ART

The sources of artist Faye Hall’s inspiration are chronicled in this new book – ART Begets ART. It is 40 pages of her paintings from start to present, along with stories and descriptions of the people, photography, faith experiences, music and poetry that has influenced her art – including her mother (cover),  singer/songwriter Steve Bell, poet Malcolm Guite, Kenyan hero Charles Mulli and The Bros. Landreth.

Hard cover ($29.99) and soft cover ($13.99) will make a lovely Christmas gift for art lovers.

It can be purchased and shipped to any country in the world!

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The Biggest Family in the World

by Paul H. Boge and illustrated by Faye Hall

A new children’s book based on the life of  Kenyan Hero Charles Mulli.

A true story about a boy…this is no ordinary boy. His name is Charles Mulli.
He was deserted by his family as a child and left to fend for himself on the streets. The boy in Kenya became a believer in Christ, grew up to be a successful millionaire businessman, and then gradually sold it all to help other street children and orphans. He and his wife, Esther have been Daddi and Mommy Mulli for over 20 years, loving, teaching about Jesus Christ and educating more than 10,000 children to move on to fruitful, productive lives.
Available for 16.95.
If you live in my home town of Winnipeg, both books are available at Hull’s Family Bookstore, 1317 Portage Avenue, and Savoir Faire at 241 Henderson Hwy.