An Artist’s Journey…

“Full Circle “

I feel like I’ve come full circle. What I mean is that as a child, I started out with a rabid love of painting in oils, put it aside to start career and family, and have now returned to my “first love”. 

In grade six, at Brock Corydon Elementary School in Winnipeg, my art teacher took my parents aside and told them to encourage their daughter in her art. We had had an art class that involved drawing portraits of each other, and my portrait of my friend Joan actually looked like her.

So my parents bought me art supplies, including my first set of oil paints, and a canvas pad. They told me I could use the basement storage room for my first “studio”. I was able to get out of washing a lot of supper dishes by holding my shaking left hand and claiming that “the hand” needed to paint! Many hours were spent in that cold cellar, experimenting with oils. I remember a portrait of a girl with brown eyes, wearing a red hooded jacket, that I painted from memory.

Over the years, my art teachers throughout school always encouraged me. In Junior High, I was sponsored to take Saturday classes at the Winnipeg Art Gallery, and in the summers, rode my bicycle to Assiniboine Park for “Painting in the Park” classes.

Saturday art classes at the WAG Studio

And now in 2010, I took a summer break for the adult Painting Techniques class at the WAG once more, under the direction of artist Racheal Tycoles. What a blast from the past! I loved it so much, that I’ve barely stopped painting since – except to sleep, eat and work during the day. I needed that instruction to help me widen my techniques & mediums, color-mixing skills and sharing ideas with other artists.

More classes to come this fall – I can hardly wait!

2 thoughts on “An Artist’s Journey…

  1. So that\’s how you got out of washing all of those dishes!? Love your new website Faye, and I want you to know how proud I am of you, not to mention my envy of your talent.

    Congratulations and God bless you continuously as you continue full circle on your journey using your God-given gifts for His honor and glory.

    Love from your sister, June.

    P.S. I remember this picture! Fun to see it.

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