My Favourite Portrait of Malcolm Guite

I was asked which of my paintings is my favourite, and this is it! It is portrait number five of the irresistible face of poet Malcolm Guite. My new art book has stories about my inspirations that have influenced my work. Malcolm Guite met my employer singer/songwriter Steve Bell in 2011 at a C.S. Lewis Summer Institute, and they became friends and collaborators ever since. I am fortunate to have met Malcolm first through the beautiful photography of Lancia E. Smith, and then in person when he visited Winnipeg to perform in a concert with Steve.

ART begets ART shows all five portraits and gives the stories behind them. Also included are some of the abstracts inspired by his poetry.

No matter where you live in the world, you can order ART begets ART from

Malcolm’s poetry and blog is at

His seven books are available on Amazon or Book Depository websites.