I Have a Dream…


Once upon a time, my friend Diana and I had a greeting card business called “Rainberry”. We were full of youthful enthusiasm and creativity, but alas – the card business was not meant to be our fulfilled dream. Just before the Jets left Winnipeg, Diana and I had designed a greeting card with which we hoped to make our “mark” in the industry.

My dream today is to paint. I have never been as happy doing anything else in my life. It was like the “stars aligned” in 2007 when I started my new job, married my darling husband and pulled my paintbrushes out of mothballs.

The affirmation at Manitoba’s Art Expo has only whetted my appetite to continue to paint. I met many new friends at the show. My booth-neighbours, Pam, Eileen, Blake and Joe – among many others,  made me feel very welcome. Manitoba has truckloads of talent!



4 thoughts on “I Have a Dream…

  1. Hi Faye
    I am so glad that things went well. I was planning to come and well – seems God ordained a rest for me!! I fell down a couple steps on Wed, went to the Pan Am and landed up in a boot and crutches and off work for three weeks with extensive ligament damage. SO I was holding down the fort at home all weekend and every day since. I am so glad you had a wonderful experience!! I am so glad God brought you into my life!
    Happy Painting!

  2. Would love to have been there! Instead I was in Georgia having a 3rd grandson! So happy you were encouraged by it as it could have been intimidating……you have nothing to be intimitated by!!!! one of your biggest fans,CarolJohnston

  3. I\’m really glad you had a great experience. Sorry I wasn\’t there. I\’m really proud of you Mom! 🙂

  4. Hey Faye…I was looking at your wonderful website because you were advertised on the Winnpeg Arts Council email letter. So I started to nose through your stuff. Nice website…nice home gallery…nice everything. Then I see my name here on this page. Thanks for mentioning me and I am glad I helped make you feel welcome.

    See you again at the next meeting of the \”Bored\” and wow, your home gallery looks great.


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